Javier Valdepeñas Octavio

Industrial designer

As soon as I first met the fascinating field of design, I decided to train professionaly there. Nowadays I own solid knowledge in CAD, CAM and product marketing, that are constantly growing.

Chess player since 10 and teacher & monitor since 19. Its best part is the development of very valuable qualities such as critical thinking, communication or self-knowledge.

I strongly believe in continuous learning. This powerful tool can keep people’s motivation alive; therefore, I spend time learning varied topics, like languages, economy or science.

In addition, I am well aware that active learning is the best way to learn, that is, to move and explore the object of study on one’s own. This website or Chesspattern are good examples

Parametric tile
KNN, wristwatch concept CANON
Mobile Phone Holder, Valencia C.F.
Fountain for Modeling
San Jerónimo’s Workspace
GEM – Protein Powder container
Bio Controller
KNN, usage panel
Roof Lamps
Stool +-
Panel for Modeling

Trabajo Final de Grado

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