Mathematics are very special. It is the fundamental pillar of reality, its language, its root. Loved by some, hated by others, but it is common knowledge that great technological advances are based on a greater knowledge of this fascinating branch.

ESTALMAT had and still has the objective of boosting the logical-mathematical intelligence of young people, through activities of different kinds, very interesting conferences and even camps. It arrived in Ciudad Real in 2012, when I turned 13.

I always liked maths when I was a child, and I never had any problems with it. My grandfather would take me for walks and I would read the number plates on the cars, I calculated also the money change when I went in the supermarket with my mother…

A friend and I went to the selection tests for the project in Ciudad Real. We were encouraged by our maths teacher at the time, knowing that the project had just arrived in our region. It was a 5-question test, which I remember very vaguely, but which tested the ability to reason and solve problems. In this link you can see some tests from other years and other communities.

Example of a problem in the selection test, convocation Andalucía 2010

After taking the test, both my friend and I got a phone call that we had been selected, and another chess colleague also made it. There was an open day and we started going every Saturday morning to Ciudad Real to receive a different, interactive maths class, as well as the occasional 2-3 day camp with very interesting activities.

ESTALMAT Calendar 2012-2014. Finding this is unlocking a lot of memories.

In 2013, our teacher brought us together in some hours of other classes that he had free, to prepare for the Olympiad that would take place at the end of the 2013 school year. We solved problems from other years, he set us applied exercises, etc. I got second place in that Olympiad at provincial level, qualifying for a regional one in which I did not have the same success, but it was another very positive experience.

In the last two years of ESO I slowed down and focused a little more on chess, but every Saturday the parents of the three friends took turns so that we could enjoy another maths class. Each year we were seeing more advanced content, as we were also learning more maths in the normal class. ESTALMAT lasted until the first year of high school.

Calendar 2015/2016

Balance: A great experience, a lot of knowledge gained, a lot of skills developed, and a group of friends who are still in active contact with each other today. I am very grateful to the organisers of this project, they are part of who I am today.

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