Tennis fever

Having tried many activities, I can tell which ones will get me hooked and which ones won’t, even if it happens years later.

Tennis is one of those things that has it all for me. It is not just any sport; it is a discipline that demands a lot technically, physically and, above all, mentally.

I was never interested in it as a child, but nevertheless, I played occasionally and loved watching it. My old flatmate then taught me basic techniques, which opened up a whole new world for me, and then in the summer of 2022 I spent a whole month at an intensive camp.

And although that was the end of the story for the time being, he was to return at some point, which happened a year later in England.

Victoria Park, Leamington, Warwickshire, UK

In this park I started to meet up to play with a colleague at work, recovering the few things I knew. After a month or two, I signed up for intermediate level classes plus the local league. And moreover, once a week I ended up meeting up with friends I had met in class to play friendly games.

So, out of nowhere, I’m playing about 3 times a week easily. I have found the benefits of the sport to be incredible:

– The friendly matches are as much about having fun as they are about repetition and perfecting strokes.

– The tennis sessions are balanced: we learn strokes and practice them with related activities. Volleys, drop shots, defensive strokes…

– The competition is still a work in progress. My technique is not yet refined, so I miss a lot of balls, but mentally it demands a lot from me to maintain the level I can give. Developing this skill is key.

My first local tennis league

All in all, this sport has managed to get me fit without me even realising it. It provides cardiovascular exercise, so it’s a perfect activity to complement weight training.

We’ll see how it continues – update next year!

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