The Gym

Starting to workout when I was 17 years old was one of my greatest successes ever. Despite the mistakes I made in the process, I can claim today that training was the first step in achieving balance in my daily life.

Bordering on obesity until that age, some friends and I got into the workout habit at 5pm after school. And that habit was adapted during my university years, to then find a gap between the pandemic season and the end of university.

It has managed to enrich my life – with its ups and downs – in many ways, which I will try to list briefly below:

· It helped me to achieve a discipline that would be fundamental in later years. The first few years I could even say that I was quite exaggerated, missing out on some things that I wouldn’t do today, but it stood for a great progress and learning experience

· It gave me enormous self-confidence. Achieving goals over time and thanks to this time & workout effort is very rewarding.

· It had a fundamental social component, both in my village and in the city.

After about three or four years of going almost uninterrupted 5 days a week, the pandemic relaxed the process and I would not hit so hard again. However, my knowledge of both training and nutrition now allows me to enjoy lighter training (about two days a week) and better exercise technique.

In a nutshell, it has become another nice way of practising sport. Soon, we will see how new disciplines will come into play. Specifically, in tennis fever 🌚

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