Chesspattern is an (for the moment) Instagram account initially designed to teach chess patterns in a visual, pleasant and instructive way. By patterns we mean common interactions between pieces, which as a whole and well interpreted help to understand the almost infinite possible positions in chess.

The idea came to me in a rather peculiar way. One Christmas night, when I couldn’t sleep, it crossed my mind. I can’t find any other explanation, really. After giving it some thought, I decided to get on the laptop to plan its structure and content.

Its initial approach took a couple of days, although he was aware that once he got into the activity, new ideas and new fronts would emerge. The idea is, on the one hand, to create both advanced and basic patterns (represented by the colours red and green respectively), and to add a publication of quotes and phrases for improvement, chess-wise and psychologically (in blue).

Periodically I would include checkpoints; problems related to the patterns studied in the previous posts. As I have already mentioned, a correct application of the patterns makes the master.

The theme is carefully chosen. Its advantages are as follows:

– People love visuals on Instagram. Attractive feeds, order, clarity in the content… Therefore, explaining patterns has great potential

Simplified content is also appreciated. Chess is a very complex game that cannot be explained 100% in posts of 10 pictures, but for most users well selected information is highly valued.

I am aware, on the other hand, that creating this type of content is fun and useful for me too. As I have been learning, and especially on Instagram it is very important, creating habits that favour constancy plays a fundamental role.

I have the right tools for both chess research (Chessbase, Lichess, blogs…) and editing (Illustrator, video editing tools, etc.), which allow me to improve on them to create quality material.

– It allows me to actively practice my English. To reach as many people as possible, your content should, with some exceptions, be in English.

In this way, Chesspattern would become a manifestation of the chess knowledge I have been acquiring throughout my years of fighting with the sport.

And, on the other hand, it serves as a stimulant for creativity. It is the incentive to regularly create something new. Cultivating this facet, especially for a designer, is a very positive thing.

Chesspattern would also bring with it the progressive discovery of the possibilities of Instagram, a platform with record statistics. To date, I have made use of the following:

– Advertising tools: To give the account a first boost, I invested the first month about $10 towards a target audience with an interest in “Chess”. Over time I discovered that most of the audience came from India, a very active and friendly community.

Collaborations: with several of them and with some other creators we chose to use this tool, in which both show the publication in their profile, sharing the public of both of them.

Reels: In order to avoid routine, I decided to try this format, which can be successful because of its method. Still to be defined, they explain in a pleasant way by subtitles or by voice, various problems or topics.

As a curiosity, I show below the improvised tripod and the setup:

IGTV: For longer explanations, Instagram TV is a good resource.

– And of course, the well-known hashtags, interacting and discovering new profiles is important for self-inspiration and to tilt the algorithm in our favour.

On the other hand, Chesspattern together with Digichess already had its first event. We organised a tournament with prizes and free entry, accessible after a series of simple requirements and with a safe prize if you shared the poster. Interesting moments from a game of each round would be covered in the stories.

Soon the 1000 followers will be celebrated with a draw, the winner of which will receive a premium account on, training material… who knows!

Finally, the folder network (the skeleton of the account) is of great help in its creation. Everything should be easily accessible and should encourage the incorporation of ideas. For this, Google Drive and Whatsapp help me to manage documents and to write down ideas for publications as they occur to me.

Without a doubt, this project represents a motivation for me, but also a very significant tool for creativity and technique. I can only hope that the flame of Chesspattern will live on with the same enthusiasm as when it was created. And that of course it grows, because it deserves and will be even more worthwhile.

UPDATED 30/10/2022

A día de hoy, la cuenta ha cambiado su dirección a una que se ajusta más a mi vida; menos activa y de contenido más diverso, pero siempre sin perder su propósito inicial:

Today the direction of the account has changed. Now, it is not so much active, but it offers more diverse content without losing its initial purpose:

Streaming has become the greatest part of it, a dynamic way which helps me in both playing my best and live commenting in English. A true challenge! Watch out…

– We are into reels as well! Made from didactic positions, key moments during stream, or puzzles from patterns

Two filters can assign you a pattern randomly

– Better looking highlights, sorted out logically:

– Y, como evento destacado, a los 1000 seguidores realizamos un sorteo de tres artículos de la tienda de Chessbase India. Realizado en un directo mediante la página, el ganador recibió los artículos después de una semana. ¡Menos mal que tocó en India!

– And, as a special event, we raffled off three items from the Chessbase India shop to celebrate 1,000 followers. Conducted live, and using the website, the winner received the items after a week – thank God, winner was Indian!

Let’s see what the future holds…

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