A personal & profesional blog

Each post of this blog will show a piece of every project that at some point in my live I’ve developed. Sorted cronologically, it will show then a piece of me.


It really had to start by answering: “Who am I? Why does this web exist?” In the main menu you may took an idea, but here will be explained in a more natural way!

You may have already come across my name. I’m currently 22, and I love learning new stuff. I’ve recently finished my studies, but many things like web design remained pending. From my point of view, everyone is his a walking brand, especially a designer. Owning a website helps to improve this brand image, and make it easier for everyone to get to you and your activity, looking to professional world.

To sum up, what I want to get from this site is to show myself and my works to everyone, in a more accessible and visual way. To do so, there will be some rules of thumb:

  1. Every post is showing a progress in any ambit, which will be sequenced over time.
  2. Everything will be written and translated individually. As long as I can interpretate a language, it will be here. This means almost no translator!
  3. It’s not a resume. It’s professional, but wider and closer. In other words, it will include content that really could influence my work life.

Quite enough. Both reader and me will get used soon to this working method. See you soon, and thanks for reading!


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