WordPress: The irruption online

Having your own website is something pretty useful and visual when it comes to making your person and your work known. There are all kinds of themes and profiles, just as there are all kinds of tools to create them.

Once I finished my degree in design in July of my fourth year, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I did know that I was going to focus on some chess tournaments during the remaining summer months, and that I wanted to spend the following year in Valencia.

The idea

My first idea was to look for a job. But in the meantime, I had the desire to learn more new things, like finishing German, new CAD software or learning about websites and digital marketing, the latter recently for the TFG.

I started by creating professional profiles on essential sites, such as Linkedin, and began like this an active job search. As I moved around, I found that many users had very diverse websites where they made themselves known; a very original idea, which I wanted to carry out in my own way.

I decided to get in touch with my brother, who gave me the tools to start playing around with WordPress. It is a more or less intuitive tool, which I had already used in high school, and which allows people who are not specifically dedicated to web development to create web pages. And it is so easy to use that web programming is becoming less and less important.

So, after a first draft and a lot of weird mistakes, some solved, others dodged, I gave shape to what is now this website, which was initially going to serve only as a portfolio. However, I wanted to give it a distinctive touch…

The blog idea

After a couple of months of creating my online space, I realised that hardly anything could be known about me. Only brief work experience and education could be gleaned from online profiles.

So the idea arose to give a human side to my presence on the Internet, and so I decided to make a blog focused on explaining what has been shaping the person I am today. Why do I consider that showing a more personal side is important?

– There is no doubt that everything is becoming more and more automated. And that brings with it many advantages, but in the digital world it is easy to forget that there is always a person behind it.

– This person has lived through experiences that have defined their values and their day-to-day life, and that cannot be known through their presence in networks, even though they define them much better than their training or experience.

– It is clear, of course, that the working environment is demanding and a person’s knowledge in his or her field comes first, but it is also true that a more personal approach makes a good first impression, and allows you to get to know the user in a more individual way.

– And finally, and for me the most important, this human touch is key to good teamwork: keep in mind that we are working with people, each one with their points of view, their emotions, their weaknesses, their strengths…. Getting to know each other a little better can only improve the well-being of the group, and ultimately, the professional performance.


So, the next few months were going to take up some of my time to recap important experiences, with these main objectives:

1. Showing all personal projects and valuable experiences for my future, explained in a pleasant and personal way.

2. Reviewing the events that have made me grow and learn

3. Practicing my writing skills and take the opportunity to practice my foreign languages.

From my point of view, it seems to me a different idea, capable of being the perfect complement to a curriculum. I hope that the reader agrees to a greater or lesser extent, and that this blog is fulfilling its objectives, best regards!

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